Learning management implementation

Before you can find an answer, you need a question. And in order to find the right answer, you have to be sure you’re asking the right questions!

We use a wide range of tools – focus groups, surveys, budget reviews, interviews, text and content ,  to surveys, interviews, prpfesional/industry educational, business, or organizational goals.

Working with faculty and academic supervisory teams to

At the same time, we look at what is currently happenin

curriculum design

Using the proven learning design theories and methodologiesJune Grey started out as a one-woman freelance marketing firm who wanted to teach clients how to effectively market their business for better business gains. Ten years after we helped write her business plan, she’s a national seminar speaker.

 elearning/ course  Development

Will your class or program be totally online or a hybrid – some

Delivery/ assessment

Are your students off campus or in the classroom? Are they accessing their educational content in a computer lab or on PCs? Do you also want your course material avaialble on other devices like phones and tablets?